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Restorative Justice Is The Modern Day - 961 Words

Shalom is a word brought forth from Hebrew Scripture, â€Å"the word shalom was used to describe the ideal state in which the community should function. It meant much more than absence of conflict; it signified completeness, fulfillment, and wholeness—the existence of right relationships among individuals, the community, and God† (Daniel W. Van Ness, 2014, p. 41). Restorative justice is the modern day attempt to reach a condition close to this state and if implemented properly, it will be paramount in approaching justice with humanity and respect for all parties involved. Policy Description Albert Eglash first used the term restorative justice in the milieu of the criminal justice system in the 1950’s (Daniel W. Van Ness, 2014, p. 90). Eglash found restorative justice to be one of three components to the formula of criminal justice. He indicated two additional elements, retributive and distributive justice, focus solely on the offender resulting with the victims having little to no active involvement in the justice process. Restorative justice however, offers the offender and the victim both active roles in reparation and rehabilitation throughout the process of justice (Daniel W. Van Ness, 2014, p. 91). Zehr and Gohar explain precisely the most defined meaning of restorative justice in their book, The Little Book of Restorative Justice. â€Å"Restorative justice is about needs and roles†¦Ã¢â‚¬ , specifically the roles of the victim, the offender and the community.Show MoreRelatedNew Concepts That Generate Inspiration, Skepticism, Cognitive Shifts, And Derision Essay1511 Words   |  7 PagesThesis Traditional justice is vastly different from restorative justice as the former focuses on retribution. Indigenous people had a distinct way of approaching justice within their societies, their practice of restorative ways centered on a community approach. Offenders were made to accept responsibility for their deviant actions. The philosophy behind the practice is the community, victim, and offender coming together as one was needed to restore order and all move forward in a positiveRead MoreCriminal Punishment And The Criminal Justice System1193 Words   |  5 Pages Few decisions in the criminal justice system apply as much influence over the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of criminal offenders as the final sentencing decision. Judges have an extensive range of sentencing options. These options range from fines, restitution, and probation to incarceration in jail or prison. For much of the 20th century, criminal sentencing practices remained largely unchanged i n the United States. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed a practical revolutionRead MoreThe Education System Has Long Rested On Zero Tolerance Policies3101 Words   |  13 PagesI. Introduction The education system in the modern, American public high school represents a pillar of upward mobility. Education has long stood as a symbol and mechanism for those of less fortunate backgrounds to put in the time and effort in order to better their social status and living conditions. And while the discussion on the education system is always seamless when concerning the opportunity provided to those students who make good grades and behave well in the classroom, the discussionRead MoreThe Law Of A Uniform Sentencing Guidelines1126 Words   |  5 PagesCommittee on Reforms of Criminal Justice System (Malimath Committee) published its report in March 2003, stating the need for uniform sentencing guidelines: The Committee recommends that a statutory Committee be constituted to lay down sentencing guidelines to regulate the discretion of the court in imposing sentences for various offences under the IPC and Special Local Laws under the Chairmanship of a former Judge of the Supreme Court or a retired Chief Justice of a High Court who has experienceRead MoreCorrections Trend Evaluation Essay1338 Words   |  6 Pagesdeveloping trend will also be discussed. Past, Present, and Future Trends that Pertain to Institutional Community Based Corrections There are many different trends that correctional facilities have used in the past and these trends have continued on to modern day. Many people may wonder if these trends are going to continue into the future or if these trends can be put to a stop. One trend that correctional facilities have used in the past and has carried on into the future was the lack of rehabilitationRead MoreThe Juvenile Justice System Is Not Driven By Welfare And Justice2175 Words   |  9 Pagesorder to maintain a fair and just society. Therefore, it is the juvenile justice system’s responsibility to establish institutions and legislation to protect the important role that young people play in society. The system should also be driven by welfare and justice concerns as young people have special needs in regards to their age, and their physical, emotional and social development. It is essential that these welfare and justice concerns are addressed effectively by the system in order for youngRead More Essay about Restorative Justice and the Criminal Justice System1854 Words   |  8 PagesRestorative Justice 1 Running Head: RESTORATIVE JUSTICE Restorative Justice and the Criminal Justice System Jeffrey A. McGhee PSF5002 Survey of Public Safety Issues, Theory and Concepts 501 West Northern Parkway Baltimore, Maryland 21210 Telephone: 410-323-7452 Email: Instructor: Kenneth Szymkowiak Restorative Justice 2 The modern field of restorative justice developed in the 1970’s from case experiments in several communities with a proportionatelyRead More‘Restorative justice empowers victims and challenges offenders.’ To what extent do you agree?2200 Words   |  9 Pages‘Restorative justice empowers victims and challenges offenders.’ To what extent do you agree? One of the key issues of our contemporary society is that we have to start to be aware that ‘the social relationship’ is one of the main elements of our lives. Society as a whole is a more complex structure, so we must cease to perceive life only in terms of the individual. However, most of our laws continue to believe that only the individual matter; this is seen most obviously in how the law treats interpersonalRead MoreThe Prison Industrial Complex And The United States Essay2129 Words   |  9 Pagessystem. In my time as a criminal justice major I have taken a variety of classes on criminal justice, one of the most interesting for me (aside from this class) was restorative justice. In my restorative justice class I was introduced to the idea that the criminal justice system was taking the conflict away from the victim and the community and was focusing too much on punishment and not enough on rehabilitation. I understand that some people feel that restorative just ice is too lenient, that by allowingRead MoreRestorative Justice Methods Can Be Substituted For Incarceration2267 Words   |  10 Pagesof youth incarceration and how restorative justice methods can be substituted for incarceration to yield better and more effective results. Restorative justice holds the belief that â€Å"criminal punishments are more effective when they cause the offender to make amends with their victims as well as their communities. By using a phenomenological approach the study seeks to discover the essence of experiences of multiple individuals who have experienced restorative justice approaches. Data will be collected

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